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Friday, July 25, 2014

Lay Leadership 2013

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Want to know how decisions are made? See our organizational chart. Want to know what's going on in our church? Ask one of the persons listed below. 
In church language, these people are the lay leadership.  In reality, these are the folks who can tell you what's going on and how you can help serve!
Stay informed - read the minutes from the committee meetings.  Attend the meetings that are open to members of the congregation.   Get involved - see some of the areas where you can make a difference by helping serve.   Support our ministries through your giving.
Age Level Ministries
Family & Children's Ministry Marti Coleman
Youth Becky Eisman
Older Adults Jane McCombs
Administrative Committees
Trustees Term expires
Chair - Douglas Burger 2013
Leigh Andersen 2013
Scott Golding 2013
Judie Lanier 2013
Richard Egge 2014
Carol Frihart 2014
Arthur Hufford 2014
Staff Parish Relations Term expires
Chair - Walter Kelly 2013
Lay Leader 2013
Tom Carlysle 2013
Ron Wilkinson 2013
Charlie Lester 2013 
Lay Delegate (Laurie Golding) 2013
Vickie Huddleston 2014
Pat Shaver 2014
Finance Committee  Term expires 
Chair - Bill Harshman 2013
Lay Leader: Jane McCombs 2013
Church Treasurer: Debbie White 2013
Business Manager (no vote):
John Kilpatrick
Chair, Church Council: 
Don Andersen
Ministry Team Representative 2013
SPR Representative: Walter Kelly 2013
Trustees Representative: Douglas Burger 2013
Lay Delegate (Laurie Golding) 2013
Lee Cooke 2013
Tommy Lawrence 2014
Crystal McKnight 2014
Senior Pastor: Jimmy Moor N/A
Committee on Nominations &
Leadership Development
Term Expires 
Chair - Senior Pastor: Jimmy Moor N/A
Lay Leader (Jane McCombs) 2013
Glen Shanholtzer 2013
Cindy Smallwood 2013
Warren Smith 2013
Jo Echols 2014
Melanie Lynn 2014
Charlie Wasmer 2014
Church Council  Term Expires 
Chair: Don Andersen 2013
Vice-Chair: Becky Burnett 2013
Treasurer: Debbie White 2013
Secretary: Lauren Ledford 2013
Lay Delegate (Laurie Golding) 2013
Lay Leader (Raye Varney) 2013
Lay Leader (Jane McCombs) 2013
Youth at Large Representative 2013
Finance Chair: Bill Harshman 2013
Staff Parish Chair: Walter Kelly 2013
Trustees Chair: Douglas Burger 2013
Men’s Ministry Rep.:  Andrew Carlton 2013
United Methodist Women: Gloria Jones/Barbara Mason 2013
Pre-School Representative 2013
Ministry Team Coordinator: Beth Odom 2013
Senior Pastor: Jimmy Moor N/A
Associate Pastor: Owen Skinner N/A
Member at Large: John Lanier 2013
Member at Large: Kathy Hufford 2013
Member at Large: Tim Cauthen  2013 
Member at Large: Billy McDaniel 2013
Member at Large: John Ivester 2014
Member at Large: Tina Sjogren 2014
Member at Large: Edgar Torbert 2014
Member at Large: Ty Roberts 2013
Member at Large: Josie Snyder 2014
Communications chair (ex officio): Katherine Griffith 2013