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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Leadership for Africa

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The Tucker First missions committee sponsors a clergy training scholarship for one pastor in Africa. He is from Sierra Leone and is studying for a Master of Divinity degree at West Africa Theological Seminary in Lagos, Nigeria. The cost to sponsor the pastor is $100 a month. The need for trained pastors in Africa is great, and Tucker First makes a significant contribution to the life and health of God’s emerging people via these scholarships. If your group or Sunday School class would be interested in sponsoring a pastor, contact Joe Kilpatrick, Sr. at joe@kilpatrickcpa.com.

The first student we sponsored was Mark Komba Ngobeh. He is 52 years old and is a pastor in the United Methodist Church in Sierra Leone. His Bishop sent him to West Africa Theological Seminary in Lagos, Nigeria to complete a Master’s Degree in Biblical Studies. The degree takes about three years. Mark had to leave his wife and children behind while he completed the degree. This is a strong indicator of how important these matters are to him and the church in Africa. 

Mark began life in a traditional African village where his family was animist; they worshiped mountains, lakes, big trees, and ancestors. Schooling began in a Roman Catholic Church. But, he was dying of a disease when he prayed for salvation and healing and gave his life to Jesus Christ. The United Methodist Church helped him complete his secondary education and his first degree came in 1987. He studies now to better teach other pastors and lead communities as a whole to be disciples of Jesus Christ.